I met chris stearman of the randys at Wilcox Records in oklahoma city. he was the lead singer in a garage band out of Del City called The Randys. at the time, chris was living in a tiny room at home filled floor to ceiling with videotapes of the most incredible visual library. during performances, he would stalk the stage like a waiting vampire. The band recorded their ep later that year, the lineup throughout their lifetime was Chris on vocals, danny shafer on guitar, and jerry borders on drums. i can remember a number of great shows from oklahoma city and tulsa clubs, unfortunately not as many as there should have been. as often is the case drugs, the law, and father time ended their days much too soon.

Lead singer and band leader chris stearman states :::


 I was a member of a band based out of OKC in the beginning of the punk/new wave scene from 1978-81. The band was called The Randys, if you haven't heard of them it doesn't surprise me LOL. We were selective about gigs, our lead guitar player absolutely refused to do any gig that didn't pay at least something. It wasn't about the money, more about the principle. Back then club owners would more or less audition a band at a live club gig and even at that you may never get paid for any subsequent gigs. Punk bands were new on the scene and still the target of a lot of scorn amongst your average club owner. We all sucked so why should we even get paid, right?? We did put out a 4 song EP at the time called "Appealing To The Masses". Anyway, our first gig was at the Lincoln Plaza Hotel in OKC and it was a private gig for an association of members with mental and physical disabilities I'm sorry I can't recall the acronym. Our second gig was in Tulsa at The Bleu Grotto. After it's closing we played one time at Bongo Sylly's at 18th and Boston Ave. We also played two different Halloween parties at the Fred Jones Art Center in Norman probably 1980 and 1981 and at Kelly's Bar on Main Street in Norman. A couple of corrections: The gig poster from Bongo's was actually our 2nd gig and was a typo. Although billed as playing at Zero's New Wave Lounge in Ft. Worth, we never played there. After we broke up our lead guitar player would go on to play with The Hostages of which he was great friends. I could relate a million stories of the scenes in OKC, Norman and Tulsa but it would probably about make a novel!