roger scott - guitar

dale lawton - guitar

tommy gunn waggoner - bass

darrell smith - drums

joe danger {christ} - keyboards

i'm sure this will take a while, my memory is fucking awful but it comes and goes. i believe i met the band in 1979 at this tiny fucking hole in the wall dive in tulsa where the punk bands would go to play if you couldn't get into cains. i think i was at a randys show and tripping with rubber dee dee inside this twenty five foot wide and twelve foot deep shithole filled with leather and stink and dancing their asses off. so Roger and dale ask if i'm down for some recording. since the band was great and super talented i said sure. we hung out inside until the cops arrested most of the kids going outside on drugs. we waited and went out on the street breaking off the parking meters until we got caught and hauled off to jail. wasn't pretty in those days. 

the band showed up the next week and began recording. great stuff.