john nichols - vocals, keyboards

bill goffrier - guitar

ron klaus - bass

brent giessmann - drums

im not quite sure how i met these guys, ill let someone who remembers do that. i do remember the first time i heard them at a tiny triangular shaped corner in wichita. could not stop dancing with the packed crowd.

i do remember distinctly our first studio session for the ep. i had locked the door to the studio cause it was midnight, and was in lsd land so i couldnt hear them at the door. no cell phones guys. 

the only way i knew they were there was them getting up on the roof and banging on the something to get my attention

as a piece of technical trivia, the embarrassment ep was the first recording ever to be released using pzm microphones. we had the prototypes and were testing them for the new company. they were used for every instrument. that is why this recording is so crystal clear. bit of advice too for engineers, look outside the box.